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Secret Ceres

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Secret Ceres is a unique tool that tightens and supports the healing process of the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner.

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Let me explain you why Secret Ceres is almost like magic & what it exactly is.

Secret Ceres is a unique tool that tightens and supports the healing process of the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner.

The biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina sensitizes, cleanses and regenerates the vagina as well as having a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of its secretion. By shedding off the dead skin cells of the superficial layers of the vagina’s epithelial skin, Secret Ceres help regenerating and balancing the vaginal micro-flora while sustaining the humidity level and substance balance of the vagina.

In fact, I am sure Secret Ceres is one of the best products out there to maintan an overall beautiful vagina. Since many centuries Asian women have used Secret Ceres as a natural means to purify and tighten their vaginas as well as to rejuvenate and nurture their female organs. The synergetic interaction of selected herbal extracts, minerals and crystals balances structural deficiencies of the body while accelerating the cell renewal process in the body. Here are some examples of how our customers use Secret Ceres:


Rejuvenating and Healing the Vagina

Secret Ceres is great for refreshing the vagina.  The combination of natural ingredients works wonders to restore the vagina to a firm, healthy appearance, creating beauty from the inside out.  It stimulates the body’s natural cleansing process, which means a pink, odor-free, fresh vagina.


Eliminating Bad Vaginal Odor

Bad vaginal odor can be an embarrassing issue. Every woman’s vagina has a natural scent, but when this scent becomes overwhelming or unpleasant, something needs to be done to fix it. By supporting the body’s own cleansing mechanism Secret Ceres can help you get rid of bad vaginal odor. Get your confidence back now!


The Secrets to a Tight Vagina

Secret Ceres helps you regain a tight vagina: it’s more pleasurable for both you and your man during sex, it’s more visually pleasing, and it can make you feel more youthful and therefore more confident.


Rejuvenating a Dry Vagina

A dry vagina can have negative effects on a woman’s sex life and how comfortable she is with herself. Thankfully, Secret Ceres can help to restore an appropriate level of humidity. It uses a combination of natural botanicals to promote good vaginal health.


Dealing with an Infected Vagina

Secret Ceres can support the healing process with different types of vaginal infections. The ingredients, since they are 100% natural, are much more appealing than many other products out there that are typically used to treat an infected vagina.


How Secret Ceres Works?

To make and maintain a beautiful vagina Secret Ceres tightens and purifies the vagina and its flora leaving a youthful feeling. It exfoliates the vaginal callus sanitizing, cleansing and regenerating the vagina. Secret Ceres also have a positive effect on the aroma and consistency of the vaginal secretion.

It's refreshing effects aid in shedding off the dead cells of the vaginal skin and help to regenerate and balance the micro flora of the vagina. In its exfoliating, cleansing and regenerating process Secret Ceres sustains the substance balance and humidity level of the vagina.


Why Secret Ceres is good for every woman

A beautiful and fresh vagina is the want of every woman. Secret Ceres offers a pink and fresh vagina to the one using it. Every vagina has its own scent but when that smell becomes bad odor it can be really embarrassing for a woman. Secret Ceres can help you to regain an odor-free vagina and enjoy your sex to the fullest.

You are here as you are searching for some perfect solution helping you to get rid of the vaginal problems. Believe me the product is magical and it is really worth every penny.


Since I started helping woman around the world to heal their intimate problems I have received tons of beautiful and grateful feedback:

“I have been suffering from a chronically vaginal infection since a very long time. Common medicine lost their effect on me due to the repeated use over such a long period. I was constantly suffering from an itchy and burning feeling as well as unpleasant discharge. As a consequence I was also unable to have a normal sex life. Since I found out about Secret Ceres, it has changed my life and has since become an essential part of my hygienic routine. Thank you very much!”
Lisa, 27, L.A. - California


“My vagina has always been very dry and my skin would break when having Sex. Most of the times I would start bleeding and it was generally uncomfortable for me. Since I tried Secret Ceres I am completely overwhelmed. Immediately after the use I was surprised because I became so tight that it scared me at first. I thought I had worsened my original problem, since my vagina felt dry on top of it. But within 1 day the entire skin inside of my vagina shed off and regenerated and renewed itself and became supple and soft. During intercourse I now become nice and wet, so my skin won’t break anymore. You don’t imagine what it means to me. To my boyfriend Secret Ceres is the 8th world wonder, since our sex had always been anything but relaxed so far. Incredible!” 

Johanna, 21, Stuttgart


“After the birth of my son my vagina had become so loose that even the largest tampon size would not fit me anymore. Thus, one of my girlfriends gave me the magic stick. What a relief…the stick has been my rescue! I am indefinitely indebted to you!” 

Celia, 34, Amsterdam


“I started using Secret Ceres when I was pregnant, because I was repeatedly suffering from infections and excessive discharge during my pregnancy. Fortunately my girlfriend told me about this natural alternative to successfully counteract and cure thrush. So there was no need to use the chemical based medicine I had been prescribed by my doctor.” 

Stephanie, 26, N.Y


“Since I started using Secret Ceres the effect I have on men is incredible, sometimes I can’t believe it myself! They chat me up in the supermarket, on the street and not to mention when I go out! Secret Ceres definitely has a strong effect on my erotic appearance and hormone production. When my girlfriend told me about the product or respectively a certain incident she had after using it, I thought she’s exaggerating. Until I witnessed one incident myself and started to consider that it might really have something to do with the stick. Thus, I got one for myself and must say I am truly amazed. I started to believe in miracles again! Nature is amazing! Since I realized this I perceive myself in a completely different way. I feel and appear more feminine, more sensual and erotic……guys are on my case like crazy and complicated things suddenly appear so simple!!! Wow! Every woman should experience this feeling!”

A.M. 40, Berlin


“Since the first application of Secret Ceres I am impressed without a doubt. I feel so clean; furthermore I became so much more confident when having sex. Everything is so sensitive, the sensation is amazing.” 

Karen, 19, Paris

These are only a few of our many happy customers on Secret Ceres. The product supports the vaginas own healing potential and rejuvenates it with its natural ingredients of Pomegranate, Drip Stones and Kaolin. Each of the ingredients of Secret Ceres has beneficial properties to rejuvenate your sexual desire and contain anti-inflammatory properties. These gifts of nature have the potentiality to make your vagina clean, fresh and visually appealing to your man. It thus aids to smooth, clean, and tighten the skin of your vagina with its antiseptic, deodorizing and healing properties.

Of course, feeling youthful will make you confident enough to bind your love within you! Let him enjoy your flora to its utmost and wet your vagina with sensuality. Also, Secret Ceres will keep your vagina infection free and also heals a infected vagina with its cool and refreshing effect.

Women who are feeling a loose vagina can regain the tightness to enjoy sex at its most by using Secret Ceres. Be it the 19 years young beauty, the 30 years of mature woman or the middle aged 50s -I am sure that Secret Ceres is a gift for all.

The fantastic formula of Secret Ceres to clean and deodorize helps women to gain control over their insecurities of their vagina. The product will leave you feel purified and fresh.

Secret Ceres is made of effective and highly-valued natural products and is totally free of chemical effects. Its extensive effects increase the overall wellbeing of women and improves libido. Thus, it boosts the erotic radiance and attractiveness of women.

Let me tell you the truth: Secret Ceres did a great deal in savingmy marriage. Saving my love life and my overall well being it gives me the happiness that I really cannot describe in words. It helps me and my husband to get that ultimate pleasure during our moments of intimacy.


How to apply Secret Ceres?

Don’t worry,Secret Ceresis so easy to use . It is applied into the vagina like a tampon. Simply wet the Secret Ceres under running water. Clean your vagina with pure water and insert the product into your cleansed vagina. Keep it for one to three minutes and then remove the stick. You will feel a tingling feelung and the tightening effect after some minutes.

Secret Ceres is recomended to be used1 to 2 times in a week. You can also apply it daily if there is a state of imbalance like mycoses or infection persisting in the vaginal flora. You can keep using Secret Ceres on regular basis for these conditions until the problems are eliminated.


A lot of woman ask me, if there are any side effects?

Secret Ceres should be completely free of side effects. However, you may feel a burning sensation if there is any severe imbalance of the vaginal flora. But don’t worry: The burning sensation denotes the healing process and will diminish along with the decreasing of the symptoms. When you start using Secret CeresI recommend usingit for no longer than 20-30 seconds for the first applications and observe how your body reacts, since every women is different. You can then slowly increase the time of application. I recommand not using it longer then 1 1/2 minutes.


What happens after you apply Secret Ceres?

After the first few applications of Secret Ceres you should feel a tightening effect and dead cells of vaginal skin will peel off leaving the vagina in a tender, cleansed and regenerated state. Thus, you are to feel that youthful and sensuous feeling.

Secret Ceres is also recommended to use in decreased libido and maintenance of the vagina and the female sexual organs. You can use the stick at regular basis if you want to maintain a youthful vagina.


What are you waiting for?

I know you are also passing through those hell moments and that is why you are here reading this. I can assure you about the product’s efficiency as it worked wonders for me, women all around the world that I have been working with and could do the same for you.



All the best,


Guest Guest

Not reliable

I called many times no one is answering my calls to clarify what s going on. It s not reliable

Mel Amal

Have not received my item

I have ordered this item more than a month ago but have not yet received it. I just received an email saying that the package got lost???!!!!! And want me to get a proof of non delivery!!!!


Great Product

Made me tighter, smell better, and feel better. A little painful when I first started, guess it was worse than I thought. My husband is very grateful and so am I!


Excellent customer service

I just received my Secret Ceres this weekend. I have only had an opportunity to use it once, so far. I just wanted to comment on the wonderful customer service I received. My e-mail inquiries were answered promptly and all my questions were addressed professionally. I look forward to experiencing the success others have already achieved!

Johnson Janice

Definitely worth the purchase price

At first I was very apprehensive about spending that much on yet another product that did not work like promised but with Secret Ceres I was not disappointed. I feel so confident and clean and fresh every time I use it and my sex life has improved dramtically because of it. It really does do what it says it will.


My hygiene has never been so great

Hi, I stumbled upon this product by accident on the internet one night. Am I glad I did! I was curious at first and did my research, I hold a Diploma in Aromatherapy so I know that the main ingredients in this product do in fact deliver therapeutic benefits. My stick took two weeks to arrive and I was excited to receive it, I tried it vaginally the very first day. Now a bit of background on me: I had a total adbominal hysterectomy in 2005, all I have left is my vagina. Five years on into Menopause I am only 38 yrs old and was starting to struggle with inflamation, bad smell and dryness of the vagina. No matter what I did or how much I bathed/showered, I could always smell myself, it was really starting to affect my confidence. My marriage broke down a year ago and I wasn't confident about having a boyfriend because I didn't feel "Clean & fresh" when it came to intimacy. 12 hours after the first application of My Secret Ceres I had absolutely no smell, I couldn't believe it.....I had not been smell free since my teens. I thought it was a coincidence and it won't last, since that first application I have been tighter, almost smell free (there is a slight natural odour with summer coming on) and fresh feeling all the time. My vagina is now reguarly cleaning itself and all I do is insert the MSC once a week, rinse my vagina 4 hrs afterwards and I always have white curdly bits come out.....dead skin cells...the vagina renewing itself and getting rid of the old skin that was keeping me unbalanced and producing the smell I expect. I love this product and will continue to use it for the rest of my life now that I have found it. When my daughter is old enough I will introduce her to it too. OH...I have also had remarkable results with using it on my face as a mask once a week and my scars on my abdomen have faded, I have only been using the product for 8 weeks. Thank you ladies for providing the rest of the world access to this product, it has been my savior.


Works as promised

I wasn't initially happy with the cost of the Secret Ceres but I was looking to get rid of BV without health insurance. Secret Ceres really did cure it immediately. I was very impressed. It also did have a significant tightening effect. It does truly exfoliate the vagina, but because it does, I would recommend that you plan to use it when you won't be intimate with another person for a day or two, at least the first time you use it.
Overall, I am very happy that I gave it a chance and even though I have health insurance again, I would use it if I developed BV again instead of going to the doctor's, because it is so amazingly effective in that department.

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